The original at the best possible price.

APS Arzneimittel-Parallelimport-Service AG is the first parallel import company in Switzerland to import original products which have expired patent rights. These products can be sold in Switzerland at significantly reduced prices.

Through targeted use of the considerable price differences between medicinal product manufacturers caused by market and health policies, we are able to offer original medicines at lower prices. Our whole health system benefits from this price advantage – from health insurance companies to doctors and patients.

After long-standing collaboration and interesting political discussions with the relevant authorities, we were able to successfully market the first product registered in Switzerland and authorized for parallel import.

Our clients include pharmaceutical wholesalers, pharmacies, hospitals and doctors in Switzerland and throughout Europe.

The product range has now expanded and has become even more attractive to our clients. In addition to medicinal products we also offer medical devices and a range of cosmetics for pharmacies.

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